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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Gardening. I like it. Its relaxing, its rewarding, and when your all done you (hopefully) get free vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers. For as long as I can remember my family has had a garden. When I was little I would help my dad plant ours. My brother Adam and I were given our own rows to plant whatever we wanted. I remember going out to the garden every morning to see if any sprouts had come up and feeling super proud when I saw the first shoots peeking out of the soil.

Whenever I think about the home I'll have in the future, there is always a garden there. I imagine going out and hoeing and weeding after a long day at work, slowly feeling the stress melt away. This is a romantic idea I admit, but its a nice to think about.

In all truth gardening is a lot harder than in my daydream. I've been working in our garden for the last few weeks. The dew-kissed plants, branches sagging with vegetables of my dreams has been replaced with scrawny plants, weed yanking, bug killing, spraying, and constant surveillance. Today I sprayed half the garden for bugs (goodbye organic) and hoed several rows. This is the first time its only been my mom and me working the garden and against all odds its succeeding. We've already harvested several buckets of green beans, some squash, and a pepper. Last night we had squash from our garden for supper. I'll update the blog as we get more. 

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