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Friday, December 14, 2012


Its been a good year. A good year.

Facebook, love it or hate it, has this app where it hows your top events for this year. I clicked on it, not thinking much would come from it. I was wrong. This year has been great! I've done so much! I've lived. I've been embarrassed. I've really, really gotten out of my comfort zone. I've learned, loved, laughed.

This year three of my best friends have gotten married to the women of their dreams.

This year I went to a completely new school in MI. In the snow.

This year I went and saw the USA stomp all over Scotland in Jacksonville.

This year I ran a half marathon and almost 500 total miles.

This year I started doing improv again.

This year I voted.

This year I visited my best friend at his new grown up home in DC. I can't stress what a big change that was.

This year I saw August Burns Red, MewithoutYou, and Matt and Kim live.

This year my dog had puppies and made me a grandpa.

This year I got a new job.

This year I started graduate school.

This year I'm going to see the Hobbit with good friend Nick Clough.

This year I worked at camp for a week AND I went to Wizard Quest!

This year I presented at a professional conference.

This year I began leading a Pathfinder group.

Its been a big year. :)

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