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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What I've Worked For

Today was a good day. A great day. I will probably remember it for a while. It ranks up there with the day I finished my final class of undergrad at Southern. First off, the weather was AMAZING! Honestly the best weather we've had this year. Possibly the best for the entire year. It was one of those temperatures that is neither hot nor cold but is just right. The sun was out and nature was celebrating.

It wasn't because of that.

It was because today I achieved what I have been working at for the last 5 years. Today I discharged my first counseling client. The client was in the population that I want to reach most. I have been affected by the same thing that my client was there to see me for
. During our final session, my client told me that they were feeling a lot better than when they came in. They worried less about their presenting problem and more about regular life worries. "I can finally walk down the street.", my client confided.

I finished the final meeting, went into the ACCC group room and sat. I accomplished what I set out to do all those lifetimes ago. Majuro Scott would be proud. I am proud. And so is my girlfriend. She gave me a kiss and that made it that much better. Freud would probably not care though.

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Christoffer said...

Good for you, Scott. Congratulations. Keep working hard at life!